Is learning php in 2023 worth it?

Many of the most popular websites and apps on the web are powered by the programming language known as PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor.
But with the way that technology and programming styles are developing, it’s only natural to question whether learning PHP in 2023 will still be a worthwhile investment of time and effort.

First of all, it’s crucial to remember that PHP has been around for close to 25 years and has a demonstrated history of being a trustworthy, effective, and popular language.
More than 80% of websites that employ a server-side programming language as of 2021 use PHP, according W3Techs.
This indicates that PHP is still utilized extensively in many production scenarios and will continue to do so for some time.
This is really beneficial because knowing a language that is utilized in production settings gives you an edge when applying for jobs.

The fact that PHP is quite simple to start using is another advantage of knowing it. An open-source language, it is well-documented, has a sizable user base, and is simple to pick up. Therefore, PHP can be an excellent language to start with if you’re new to programming.

Furthermore, PHP is quite adaptable and may be used to develop a wide range of applications, including desktop programs, command-line scripts, and online applications. It may be used to create dynamic web pages with the capacity to access databases as well as other functions, and it works well in combination with a variety of other technologies, including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

However, PHP has come under fire for lacking contemporary features and performing just marginally better than more recent languages like Python and Go. The community is still active, nevertheless, and it continues to be extensively accepted. Although many programmers have switched to newer languages, the PHP community continues to utilize and upgrade the language.

Overall, investing time and effort into learning PHP in 2023 may be worthwhile. A variety of applications can be made using the popular, dependable, and flexible language PHP. Additionally, it is reasonably simple to use, has a sizable user community, and rich documentation. Even while it may not be as popular as some more recent languages, the community has still accepted it broadly and is actively maintaining it. Given that it is frequently used in web development projects, it is a fantastic choice to take into account whether you want to begin your programming career or want to learn more about web development.

The choice to study PHP or any other programming language should ultimately be based on your personal objectives and interests. But in 2023, PHP is undoubtedly a worthwhile option if you’re trying to learn a flexible and popular language that can be utilized to build a variety of applications.


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