Client: SafeEth
Date: January 1, 2020
Services: Website Design, UX

01. Introduction

The SafeEth is a cryptocurrency coin.

SafeETH is an autonomous yield and liquidly generation protocol. SafeETH generates yield by applying a tax of 4% on every buy and sell transaction while splitting that fee instantly among token holders and the liquidity pool. The protocol rewards its token holders by splitting 2% of each transaction proportionally across existing holders. This means the number of tokens in the holder’s wallet will increase as people buy and sell as long as tokens are held. In addition, 2% goes automatically to the liquidity pool locking forever.

02. Desktop Experience

The site is a responsive one so we have all the elements fully responsive for desktop as well as mobile. Here are some screenshots for Desktop.

03. Mobile Responsive

Here are some of the screenshots from the mobile.